Systemic Risk Board Committee

Chair: Francois Gouws
Deputy Chair: Chris Sickle
ASISA point person: Sunette Mulder

This committee is responsible for:

  • The definition of financial services systemic risk in SA, especially as it relates to ASISA members.
  • Proactively, with stakeholders, identify areas of systemic risk in the economy. Identify and scope the impact of these risks, as well as mitigation strategies.
  • Inform the ASISA Board and the Financial Sector Contingency Forum on systemic risks identified and mitigation strategies.


OCARM Working Group:  The focus of this working group is to consider how the savings and investment industry responds to any event that could lead to an extended disruption of the functioning of the financial markets and developing a plan for the Orderly Closure & Re-opening of Markets – under the guidance of the SARB.

ASISA Nominations Procedure