L+Earn (old)

L+Earn Financial Literacy Programme

L+Earn is a CFE programme for young adults at TVET colleges, universities and students who are beneficiaries of the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP). The objective is to equip students to become more financially capable in the context of preparing them for the world of work.

L+Earn (TVET)

This programme targets students aligned to the FSC code requirements in their final year of study, NCV4 and N6, including students at rural and peri-urban TVET colleges.

Programme objectives

The aim is to increase students’ awareness and knowledge of financial concepts, so that they can adopt good financial and job-search behaviour to ultimately become more financially capable and better prepared for the working world.

Format & content

The programme comprises two-hour face-to-face workshops over five weeks; experiential learning during which participants are grouped together to create drama productions incorporating what they have learned; as well as auxiliary delivery channels including closed Facebook and WhatsApp groups and SMSs to reinforce content post workshops.

Content themes include financial planning; saving and investments; debt and credit management; rights and recourse; “black tax” and communicating about money, are cross-cutting themes.

L+Earn (ISFAP)

In 2019, the Foundation partnered with ISFAP to implement a financial education programme targeted at first- and second-year ISFAP students at six urban and rural universities with varying degrees of resources.

Programme objectives

Through repeat interactive face-to-face workshops, the programme aims to improve students’ awareness of financial concepts and show them how to identify debt traps; engage in good financial behaviour by developing a culture of saving and financial planning from when they first start earning an income and then throughout the rest of their lives.

The workshops are supplemented with various secondary communication channels that assist in reinforcing the programme content.

Reach & impact