Ruth Benjamin-Swales ASISA Foundation (CEO)

"The year delivered significant programme reach, benefiting 16 300 individuals nationwide".

In 2022, the ASISA Foundation continued to grow our partnerships and collaborations so that it can expand our reach to more South Africans nationwide. This enabled the ASISA Foundation to provide more participants with powerful and relevant financial education customised to their context. This empowers them to enhance their financial capability, build resilience to navigate tough economic times and ultimately improve their overall financial well-being.

All our financial education programmes excelled in achieving not only increased participant reach but also their planned project goals. Monitoring and evaluation
(M&E) reports confirmed that each programme achieved various levels of impact, with improved financial literacy and financial capability as a core focus of each.

Reported impact ranged from knowledge transfer and application, to improved confidence levels, changes in attitude and intentions, immediate actions taken, as well as sustained behaviour changes. This is the most rewarding outcome
of our work. Highlights included:

1. Heartwarming celebrations at the conclusion of the FLAME Atlantis programme. Participants shared their testimonials, highlighting the profound impact the 18-month programme had on their personal, business and community growth. Despite facing incredibly difficult environments, they found opportunities to strengthen financial capability.

2. The launch of two strategic pilot programmes, which produced unexpected and exciting results:
• L+EARN #BIZ, a virtual programme empowering young adults operating
micro-enterprises in townships:
The participants’ dedication and commitment during the four-month programme were inspiring, and their feedback highlighted its relevance and impact, securing additional funding for expansion in 2023.

• BUILD UP for members of agricultural cooperatives in Mbizana, Eastern Cape
This short consumer financial education course supports government’s focus on food security and the agri-industry, reaching cooperative members based in rural areas. The close-out event was a moving experience, with participants
expressing overwhelming gratitude and facilitated stronger collaboration between government tiers in the Eastern Cape.

The year also achieved the highest annual participant reach since inception,benefiting 16 300 individuals through:

• In-person workshops, a preferred and most effective learning channel for WAGEWISE and BUILD UP programme participants.
• Webinars, which proved most suitable for university students and retirement
fund trustees; and
• The WhatsApp for Business platform, which reported outstanding improved financial literacy results for the L+EARN TVET college students programme, as well as workers on the WAGEWISE programme.

The cumulative reach through primary channels now exceeds 81 000 beneficiaries since inception. Our various social media channels support the learning journey of each participant. The significant increase in our beneficiary numbers bears testament to the powerful and often challenging advocacy work of our project implementing partners.

ASISA Foundation geographical reach since inception

Reach via different channels 2022


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