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ASISA Academy Newsflash – January 2021

After the many trials and tribulations of 2020, it was fantastic to be able to start the New Year on a celebratory note with the annual ASISA Academy graduation ceremony. Our graduation ceremony is a highlight on our January calendar, because it allows us to reflect with gratitude and pride on the achievements of the previous year as we embark on a new year of learning. read more


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ASISA Academy Newsflash – November 2020

An important occasion in our calendar each year is the ASISA Academy internship alumni event. Not only is this an opportunity to celebrate the success of our alumni, but by sharing their learnings and stories of perseverance, our alumni also inspire our current interns. Normally this event is hosted in Cape Town as well as read more

ASISA Academy Newsflash – October 2020

This year has been incredibly challenging for our internships, because introducing graduates to the workplace traditionally requires significant face-to-face interaction in a formal work environment. But despite the trials presented by the Covid-19 social distancing requirements that were implemented just as Katleho Khatlisi started her read more

ASISA Academy Newsflash – September 2020

Given the extraordinary challenges that the Covid-19 epidemic continues to present us with, achieving goals in 2020 seems to require more than the usual perseverance and self-discipline. We would therefore like to recognise the perseverance displayed by 14 of the interns currently on the ASISA Academy’s 
read more

ASISA Academy Newsflash – August 2020

On 9 August 1956, some 20 000 women marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the Apartheid government’s proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act of 1950.  The proposed amendments were to tighten the laws around the movement of Black people in urban areas. read more

ASISA Academy Newsflash – July 2020

It is finally time for the big reveal! We have a new website.

Over the past couple of months we have had a team working on creating our new online home, which showcases our offering of high-quality learning solutions. The brief was to keep it simple and to make it easy to navigate. read more

ASISA Academy Newsflash – June 2020

Our 2019/2020 IMACS@TSiBA students wrote their final examinations in June under the most challenging circumstances. These 10 students are now anxiously awaiting their results, which will determine whether they are able to start their internships with sponsoring ASISA member companies towards the end of July. read more

ASISA Academy Newsflash – May 2020

Innovation as a concept was first explored in the early 1900s by Austrian Professor Joseph Schumpeter. A political economist, Schumpeter likened innovation to “creative destruction”. In short, creative destruction is required to enable innovation to flourish.

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