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ASISA Academy Newsflash – June 2024

“You are the pioneers! Break those glass ceilings so that others can follow.” With this strong message, Adrian Burke, CEO of the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA), provided a fitting send-off for the first group of graduates to complete the Fezeka Graduate Programme. After 15 challenging months, all eight young Black South African women graduated from the Fezeka Graduate Programme at a ceremony held on 13 June 2024.

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ASISA Academy Newsflash – May 2024

I am delighted to share that the eight young women who joined the ASISA Academy’s inaugural Fezeka Graduate Programme in 2023 all successfully completed their intense 15 months of academic and practical work in May. 

Not one succumbed to the enormous pressure of what is essentially a baptism of fire for Black South African female graduates...

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ASISA Academy Newsflash – April 2024

One of our key objectives is to create desperately needed employment opportunities for Black graduates who want to pursue a career in the savings and investment industry. We do this by bridging the gap between tertiary education and the skills required by employers. Our internship and graduate programmes have proven very effective in achieving...

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ASISA Academy Newsflash – March 2024

On Monday, 4 March 2024, 44 Black graduates participating in our ninth Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) Internship reported to host practices around the country for their first day of work. This is our biggest group of IFA interns yet, a proud moment for the ASISA Academy. The interns will be guided into a career in financial planning over 12 months by established IFA practices.

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ASISA Academy Newsflash – February 2024

At the end of February, we bid farewell to Terence Berry, the founding CEO of the ASISA Academy. The Academy was launched in October 2007 by Terence and Leon Campher, the founding CEO of ASISA, in response to a growing need for an industry-led business school to assist the savings and investment industry with skills development....

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ASISA Academy Newsflash – January 2024

It has become a tradition for the ASISA Academy to start each academic year on a celebratory note. Every January, we host graduation ceremonies in Cape Town and Johannesburg for delegates who successfully completed our UCT-endorsed short courses in the previous year and graduates who successfully completed their internships.

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ASISA Academy Newsflash – November 2023

It feels like only yesterday that we celebrated the launch of the ASISA Academy Financial Markets Practitioner (FMP) Learnership in March 2022, following several years of hard work to achieve institutional accreditation with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

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