The ASISA Foundation’s approach to programmes

The Foundation’s programmes:

  • are targeted at low or no income black South Africans, particularly women and youth from informal and disadvantaged environments, including owners of micro-enterprises and retirement fund trustees.
  • aim to achieve knowledge transfer and a change in attitude towards finances that leads to a sustained change in behaviour.
  • are aligned to the OECD definition of consumer financial education, including core competencies as adopted by National Treasury and the FSCA.
  • meet the requirements of the FSC Code FS500 and Guidance Note GN500 s for consumer financial education, so that measured entities can claim their FSC points.
  • support national imperatives detailed in the NDP by enhancing individual financial capability, enabling greater economic participation – both locally and nationally – by countering unemployment, supporting income generation activities, and promoting financial inclusion.
  • are subject to independent monitoring and evaluation to establish whether programme objectives have been met.