Funding & benefits

Funding options

There are three ways funders can contribute to CFE programmes run by the ASISA Foundation:

Short-term funding: ASISA members. The Foundation’s structure enables members to comply with the FSC requirements to spend 0.4% without bonus points, or 0.5% with bonus points, of NPAT on CFE.

Medium-term funding: ASISA members, as well as major donor or grant funding organisations, public entities or corporates, through projects that align with the specific goals and objectives of these organisations.

Long-term funding: ASISA members, donor or grant funding organisations, as well as distributions from entities in which the Foundation is a beneficiary or shareholder, such as the ASISA Enterprise and Supplier Development Trusts.


Benefits to funders

In terms of the FSC, grant contributions or donations made to the ASISA Foundation (considered a third party) to support CFE or SED, will facilitate immediate 100% FSC points scoring.

Additional benefits

  • Supporting the Foundation in implementing sustainable CFE projects with significant impact through the benefits of scale achieved by pooling industry resources.
  • Taking advantage of the Foundation’s strong legal and governance structure, which facilitates immediate point-scoring and ensures that deployed funds are well managed.
  • Supporting an outsourced team focussed on CFE projects that comply with the letter and the spirit of the FSC.


Benefits to beneficiaries

  • Attendance to workshops is free.
  • Complex content is conveyed in a simple, story-based way.
  • Workshops are interactive in the language of the attendees’ choice.
  • Tools are provided to help with budgeting and other financial decisions.