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Saver Waya Waya L+EARN (SWW L+EARN) was conceptualised based on the findings from the evaluation of the Saver Waya Waya pilot programme conducted in 2014. One of the key lessons from the 2014 pilot was that the youth had a positive outlook about their future and were the most receptive to financial education.

Based on this finding, SWW L+EARN was designed to specifically target young adults across South Africa by equipping them with relevant and impactful financial knowledge and skills that will enable them to be more financially capable, improve their awareness of financial concepts and to encourage good financial behaviour.

SWW L+EARN Programme Video



“Working towards our mission of providing relevant consumer financial education that positively influences young adults”.


SWW L+EARN is a tried and tested financial education programme that has achieved strong knowledge gain since its first campaign in 2016. The programme is predominantly delivered via Technical Vocational, and Training (TVET) colleges, Universities and internship programmes targeted at the youth or similar stakeholders who have a strategic interest in the financial health of the young adult target audience. 



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“Learning to manage your money early in life is key to long-term financial security. That's where we come in. We're here to partner with you on your financial journey. We hope you make it that much easier to understand new financial concepts with advice on becoming financially literate. Our Saver Waya Waya (SWW) L+EARN programme is a free financial education programme designed to give you the right money management skills and knowledge so that you can manage your money effectively once you start working and earning and income”.