Learning to manage your money early in your life is key to long-term financial security. That’s where we come in. We’re here to partner with you on your financial journey. We hope to make it that much easier to understand new financial concepts with advice on becoming financially literate. Our Saver Waya Waya L+EARN programme is a free financial literacy programme to give you the right money management skills and knowledge so that you can manage your money effectively once you start working and earning.


The L+EARN programme has been designed with students in mind:

  • Beneficiaries of the Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC) of South Africa bursary scheme
  • Attending Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and universities
  • Beneficiaries of the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP)


The Saver Waya Waya L+EARN Programme is an educational programme for those studying at tertiary institutions. The programme comes in different shapes and sizes based on the target audience, but the end goal remains the same – financial literacy for young adults.


The ASISA Foundation and the ECIC of South Africa have partnered to bring this programme to young adults at TVET colleges and universities.

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For students aligned to the Financial Sector Charter Code requirements in their final year of study, NCV4 and N6, including students at rural and per-urban TVET colleges.

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The ASISA Foundation and ISFAP have partnered to bring this programme to first and second year ISFAP students at six urban and rural universities.

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There is a lot of financial content out there but we want to serve you the most important and relevant information for your life. Click through the links below to learn more:


The latest news and upcoming events listed in this section are for the #SecureTheBag L+EARN Programme. Read on and join us at our events if you are part of this programme.

We have some great events which will give you all the information you need to be financially capable. These include free webinars, radio interviews, blog posts, and panel discussions with financial experts. You can view a full list of these here and catch up on any sessions that you may have missed.

Don’t miss out. Our next events are:


Webinar 1: The importance of L+EARN
14h00 – 15h00
Friday 2 October
Join your fellow students in this webinar by signing up now and booking your spot. Sign up by sending your name and email address to celiwe@groundedmedia.co.za before 25 September. Click here to find out more



Radio features: Budgeting
YFM – 11h00, 22 September
Good Hope FM – 19h30, 23 September
Gagasi FM – 18h30, 24 September
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The L+EARN programme launched in 2016 and has been running for four years as we continue to work towards achieving our mission of financial literacy for young adults.

See below the successful geographical reach and demographic profiles of last year’s L+EARN programmes (TVET and ISFAP).