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In 2022, the Saver Waya Waya L+EARN #SecureTheBag programme was rolled out to 22 universities and six Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
colleges across all nine provinces.

Content for this programme is primarily focused on consumer financial education,
entrepreneurship, side hustles and work readiness to improve youth employability and future earnings, and to develop healthy, sustainable financial behaviors.

University students


To cater to this cohort, a blended learning approach was adopted, comprising an initial face-to-face workshop, followed by a series of six one-hour webinars conducted on Zoom. Additionally, engagement on the Zlto platform and supplementary support from the L+EARN website were provided to reinforce the webinar content.


TVET College students

These students’ learning journey included an initial in-person industrial theatre session, followed by two in-person workshops. In addition, they participated in a
WAB learning journey, engaged on the Zlto platform, and had access to a closed Facebook group and the L+EARN website for further support and reinforcement of workshop content.

Impact Achieved

The impact assessment conducted with students who participated in our L+EARN #Secure the Bag programme at tertiary institutions was hugely encouraging, and
confirms the power and potential for infinite impact by educating young adults at this stage of their lives.

According to independent M&E results, the programme achieved successful knowledge transfer, although it varied across different module topics. This culminated in positive attitude shifts and an improvement in how students manage their money. This finding was consistent with previous assessments and was further confirmed by the survey results.

Even in cases where participants did not make significant changes in how they managed their finances, they were still able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the concepts discussed during the in-depth interviews.

Participants demonstrated positive attitude shifts and behavior changes, as they
reported improved money management compared to their previous practices.

Since inception, the L+EARN #SecureTheBag programme has reached 8 700 students and young entrepreneurs (54% female, 88% Black South African) in all nine South African provinces.




“Working towards our mission of providing relevant consumer financial education that positively influences young adults”.


SWW L+EARN is a tried and tested financial education programme that has achieved strong knowledge gain since its first campaign in 2016. The programme is predominantly delivered via Technical Vocational, and Training (TVET) colleges, Universities and internship programmes targeted at the youth or similar stakeholders who have a strategic interest in the financial health of the young adult target audience. 



Taking charge of your finances

“Learning to manage your money early in life is key to long-term financial security. That's where we come in. We're here to partner with you on your financial journey. We hope you make it that much easier to understand new financial concepts with advice on becoming financially literate. Our Saver Waya Waya (SWW) L+EARN programme is a free financial education programme designed to give you the right money management skills and knowledge so that you can manage your money effectively once you start working and earning and income”.