Saver Waya Waya 2

After the successful completion of the flagship pilot project of Saver Waya Waya (SWW) phase 1 in Hammanskraal in 2014, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees authorised the scoping and planning of SWW phase 2.

Phase 2 tailored programmes to target three audiences – young adults, community members and workers.

The youth

This intervention included repeat interactions with students at tertiary institutions through face-to-face, interactive workshops. Experiential learning was incorporated, supplemented by social media.

Content themes included budgeting, savings and investing, interest rates, credit management, and money and the world of work.

Community members

To overcome barriers like unemployment and low to no income, the programme sought to leverage other programmes aimed at improving participants’ financial wellbeing and income ability. Participants in the financial literacy programme were invited to take part in a programme for the development of micro- and small enterprises.

The community programme was intended to include repeat interactive sessions with content themes like budgeting, saving, growing money, investment products, debt management, and interest rates.


This intervention needed to be more flexible to accommodate the needs of employers and employees. Besides basic financial literacy, the content included modules on debt management, payslips and deductions, saving for retirement, and benefit statements.