Saver Waya Waya WageWise

WageWise is a financial literacy programme, targeted at workers. It aims to address various financial literacy concerns workers need to deal with and seeks to enhance workers’ ability to increase and protect their wealth.

The programme was implemented in 2015 and has consistently achieved positive outcomes for its participants. WageWise is generously funded by the Sanlam Foundation.

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Target audience

Beneficiaries align to the Financial Sector Code (FSC) requirements: primarily (85%) black, South African citizens, including a 40% female reach – from urban, peri-urban or rural areas with an income cap of R250 000 per year.

2020 rollout

The WageWise programme has historically been implemented by interactive face-to-face workshops, supplemented by other auxiliary communications to help reinforce the workshop training.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions, the face-to-face workshops have ceased for 2020 and a revised multi-channel approach has been implemented. This approach includes:

The multi-channel approach has been designed to convey the educational content and to stimulate conversation among the audience which will allow them to own and use the content.

This approach has also facilitated an enhanced reach for the programme by sharing its messaging with a broader audience.

The content conveyed via these channels is aligned to the workshop content but some content has been nuanced to further assist the audience, given the specific challenges experienced during these difficult times.

The workshops

Content and delivery

During a six-hour workshop, the following core themes are covered: 

  • Planning with money and budgeting
  • Payslip deductions and bank statements
  • Retirement planning
  • Credit management, including understanding interest, hire purchase, over-indebtedness, garnishee orders etc.
  • Savings
  • Risk and insurance
  • Rights and recourse

A three-hour version of the workshop is also available but covers less content.

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Reach & impact