Saver Waya Waya WageWise

WageWise is a financial education programme, targeted at workers. It aims to address various financial concerns workers need to deal with and seeks to enhance workers’ ability to increase and protect their wealth.

The programme was implemented in 2015 and has consistently achieved positive outcomes for its participants. WageWise is supported by the Sanlam Foundation.

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Target audience

Beneficiaries align to the Financial Sector Code (FSC) requirements: primarily (85%) black, South African citizens, including a 40% female reach – from urban, peri-urban or rural areas with an income cap of R250 000 per year.

2021 rollout

Given the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions, two training approaches are available.  The best approach to adopt for the employees will be agreed with the employer.  The approaches are:

Blended approach

This approach includes three-hour face-to-face workshops, which are supported by post workshop activities: WhatsApp messaging with the participants to interact with both workshop and additional content on the WageWise website, and a series of USSD journeys to promote engagement with and assess the understanding of the content.  The workshops are conducted in small groups and strict COVID-19 protocols and safety regulations are maintained. 

WhatsApp for Business approach

This is offered as an alternative to the face-to-face workshops and is ideal for employees who are not available to attend the workshop but can have time to go through the self-directed journey on their own time.  Participants will be taken on an eight-module interactive learning journey which is easy to navigate. Each journey can be completed within 5-8 minutes. 

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Reach & impact