The Credit Bureau Association has released their university 5-part video series

24 June 2020

The Credit Bureau Association (CBA) has released a 5-part video series, that features three young people who are furthering their studies and want to apply for credit. Watch the series to see how the way that they spend and repay their loans affects their ability to obtain credit later when they start their working life. The Credit Bureau Association (CBA) is a voluntary industry body, representing 13 of the registered credit bureaus within South Africa.

Credit bureaus are custodians of credit information, which means they keep a record of how we manage our credit, if we pay on time and how much debt we have. If you have a loan, a store card or even a cellphone contract you will have a credit profile with the credit bureaus, where this information is stored.

When you apply for a loan or buy something on credit, the credit providers will review your credit profile to determine if you are eligible for credit.

Visit the Credit Bureau Association (CBA) to view the videos