We're talking saving for emergencies on radio this week

12 June 2020

The WageWise financial literacy programme is currently running a radio campaign on five regional radio stations. Each week we host a talk show with a qualified financial planner who is a member of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) and some of the WageWise workshop trainers.

These talk shows included lively discussions on various financial literacy topics, all intended to help the listeners deal with financial challenges they may be experiencing, especially during these difficult times resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. Listeners were also invited to call in with any questions they had. Learn more about the radio talk shows and listen to the podcasts.


This week we’re talking saving for emergencies on regional radio

During the COVID-19 pandemic many people are experiencing a reduced income or complete loss of income. This may make it hard to continue to make your debt repayments. In this episode we discussed the various options to deal with this situation including restructuring debt repayments, cashflow relief loans and when to use credit insurance.

The current COVID crisis has reminded us of how important emergency savings are. For some there was reduced income but others were still receiving an income and this time was an ideal time to relook budgets and assess what is really essential, learn do-it-yourself skills that can carry on and reduce spending on certain areas. Experts advise that you should saves up about three times your monthly salary to protect you during a crisis. This episode will help you get started saving for emergencies.

Talk shows are held on the following radio stations:

Jozi FM: Afternoon Fix on Thursday at 16:30

Capricorn FM: The tailored experience show on Thursdays at 10:15

You FM: You in the afternoon on Thursdays at 15:40

Zibonele: Ezophuhliso (Developmental issues) on Thursdays at 14:35