Build Up

The Saver Waya Waya Build Up programme a financial literacy programme which aims to support individuals in organizations or groups who are already working together to achieve a common goal.

Build Up for Co-operatives

The Saver Waya Waya Financial Literacy Programme for Co-operatives (BUILD UP) focusses on equipping cooperative members with the necessary financial skills and knowledge to manage their finances, select suitable financial products and services, and plan for their future financially.

The Programme is currently being run in the Eastern Cape for the 350 members of the Eastern Cape Primary Housing Co-operative.

During lockdown the Foundation successfully pivoted and conducted a virtual workshop for the housing co-op.

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Build Up for Artists

The ASISA Foundation in collaboration with the STAND Foundation will facilitate access to South African artists to enable the ASISA Foundation to deliver its Saver Waya Waya Build Up programme, which seeks to provide relevant  financial education and business development skills to artists.

The STAND Foundation is an independent, registered not-for-profit foundation, with a vision to nurture, promote and celebrate contemporary South African dance and theatre, with members across South Africa who share a common focus.

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