The ASISA Foundation was established with the aim to deliver effective and objective financial literacy programme to South Africa’s most vulnerable groups by achieve a long-term sustainable and positive impact on the financial wellbeing of communities, particularly the poor and marginalized, through facilitating greater financial capability and economic participation by all South African citizens.

The ASISA Foundation’s Saver WayaWaya: Build Up Programme is a financial literacy programme that seeks to address the concerns of individuals already involved in a structured group working towards a common purpose within communities across South Africa.  The programme has proven to be successful in achieving effective knowledge transfer as well as positive change in attitudes and financial behaviour of individuals within the group.

The key aim of the training sessions is to focus on savings and investments, and the need for beneficiaries to provide for themselves financially in all their life stages.  The training further aims to increase the participants understanding of:


  • Budgeting and planning
  • Savings processes and products
  • Savings behaviours
  • Management of debt
  • Understanding their value propositions in case of business owners
  • Understanding your customers
  • Diversifying their income and revenue

Key Objectives

  • provide relevant Consumer Financial Education achieving financial security and sustainability.
  • To provide personal and business financial skills and knowledge
  • To assist the participants by equipping them with knowledge and skills that will influence a positive change in attitude toward their personal and business finances.
  • To facilitate positive change in behaviour towards finances
  • To promote, support and enhance a culture of savings and investment,


  • Support consumer financial education initiatives and economic development initiatives
  • 100% FSC point scoring ,
  • Create impact across the country,

Reach and impact