The RFTE Programme is established on the principle that a skilled Trustee is able to perform their fiduciary duties in a competent , ethical and informed manner. The principal is aligned with the National Treasury that Trustees should have the knowledge and skills to manage funds diligently and prudently thereby affording  members of funds to extract good value for their retirement money  in respect of fees and costs during the accumulation phase.

Key Objectives

  • Improvement of Trustee Skills
  • Improvement of Fund Governance
  • Improved Trustee effective participation and engagement within the Funds
  • Knowledge transfer



Workshop Content

Full day (6 hour) Face -Face Workshops  

  • Investment Fundamentals
  • Retirement Fund Trustee Governance and Ethics
  • Responsible Investment
  • Employee Benefits

 Half Day (3 hour) Workshops

  • Fund Annual financial Statement Analysis
  • Investment Policy Statement Formulation and Assessment
  • Section 37C death benefits
  • Investment Management fees and costs
  • Default Regulations
  • Private Equity
  • Infrastructure Investment

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