Foster the Future


The ASISA Foster the Future initiative brings together three independent entities: ASISA Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), the ASISA Foundation, and the ASISA Academy. These three initiatives are driven by the common goal of addressing two of the key social deficits currently plaguing our country and prohibiting economic growth, namely unemployment and education.

With ongoing support from key stakeholders and funding from ASISA members, the Foster the Future initiative aims to:

  • Empower vulnerable communities through financial literacy (ASISA Foundation);
  • Facilitate employment for black graduates (ASISA Academy); and
  • Create jobs by developing and growing businesses (ASISA ESD).

This is in line with the objectives of the Financial Sector Code, which commits all stakeholders to actively promote a transformed, vibrant and globally competitive financial sector that reflects the demographics of South Africa. ASISA and its members recognise that the savings and investment industry can be sustainable only if the economy of our country is healthy and growing. To achieve this South Africa’s economically active citizens must be employed and earn an income to empower them to save and invest.

ASISA established three independent entities under the Foster the Future banner to address these challenges.



To download the FSC and its supporting documentation kindly visit the Financial Sector Transformation Council’s website at