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Life insurers report fewer cases of non-disclosure, but rampant fraud proves a challenge for funeral insurance

09 December 2019

South African life insurers detected 3 708 fraudulent and dishonest claims to the value of R1.06 billion in 2018. read more


Investors continue to favour interest bearing portfolios over equities

12 November 2019

South African investors committed R48 billion in net inflows to local Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) in the third. read more

Classification of SA hedge funds underway

10 October 2019

South African hedge fund managers have begun the process of categorising their hedge fund portfolios in line with the provisions. read more

South African earners under 40 most likely to be underinsured

29 October 2019

South African income earners under the age of 40 are far more likely to face a substantial life and disability shortfall than. read more

South Africa’s life and disability insurance gap widens to R34.7 trillion in 2018

29 October 2019

The average South African income earner had a combined life and disability cover shortfall of at least R2.2 million at the end of. read more

Fully underwritten individual life policies pay a record R15.1 billion in claims in 2018

26 August 2019

Beneficiaries received more than R15.1 billion from South African life insurers last year, following claims against fully. read more

Local CIS investors take cautious approach, opting for interest bearing over equities

20 August 2019

The local Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) industry completed the second quarter of this year with assets under management. read more

Umbrella funds to disclose costs at individual member level from next year

05 June 2019

Members of umbrella retirement fund solutions will be able to assess the total impact of charges on their individual retirement. read more

ASISA Board appoints new Chair and Deputy Chair

03 June 2019

The Board of the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) has appointed Thabo Khojane, Managing Director. read more

ASISA members unite customers, beneficiaries and heirs with unclaimed assets worth R8.1 billion in 2018

23 May 2019

Members of the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) united policyholders, beneficiaries. read more

A solid first quarter for local collective investment schemes

14 May 2019

The local Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) industry reported strong net inflows of R52.8 billion in the first quarter of this year. read more


ASISA Retirement Savings Cost Disclosure Standard developed to build trust through meaningful disclosure

11 April 2019

ASISA has taken note of a number of media reports published over the past week, quoting one source who implied that the. read more

Local CIS industry shoulders tough markets, attracts net inflows of R93.5 bn

14 February 2019

The local Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) industry attracted net inflows of R93.5 billion in 2018, ending the year with. read more


Life Insurers Report A Spike In Fraudulent Death Claims For 2017

12 December 2018

South African life insurers foiled a total of 5 026 irregular claims to a value of R1.13 billion in 2017. read more

Honesty Upfront Ensures Hassle-Free Insurance Claims

14 November 2018

The inevitable tightening of the belt that is currently facing many consumers, may make it tempting to try and get cheaper. read more

CIS Investors Undeterred By Volatility, Committing R54 Billion In Third Quarter

13 November 2018

Seemingly undeterred by stock market volatility, a troubled economy and the turmoil in emerging markets, local investors. read more

Policyholders And Beneficiaries Receive R63.7 Billion In Death, Disability And Critical Illness...

11 September 2018

South African life insurers paid R63.7 billion to individuals who had experienced death, disability or a severe illness in their. read more

Living Annuity Drawdown Rate Remains Stable At 6.6%

05 September 2018

Living annuity policyholders managed to keep the average drawdown rate practically unchanged at around 6.6% for two. read more

Local CIS Industry Grows Investor Assets To R2.3 Trillion

06 August 2018

Investors committed a healthy R26 billion in net inflows to the local Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) industry over. read more

Employers Collaborate To Equip Thousands Of SA’s Most Vulnerable Earners With Financial Skills

01 August 2018

More than 11 500 economically vulnerable workers from around the country have gained critically important financial literacy. read more

Life Insurers Paid 99.3% Of Underwritten Life Policy Death Claims Worth R14.4 Billion Last Year

06 June 2018

Life insurers paid 99.3% of all claims against fully underwritten life policies last year, resulting in benefit payments of. read more

ASISA Foundation Nurtures Fledgling Micro Enterprises Into Employment Generators

11 June 2018

Rural township entrepreneurs from some of the country’s poorest areas gathered in Sandton, Johannesburg, today to celebrate. read more

A Tough First Quarter For Local Collective Investment Schemes

24 May 2018

The local Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) industry reported a 3.2% drop in assets under management for the first. read more

Tough Year For Local Hedge Fund Industry As It Completes The Conversion Of Assets To...

23 April 2018

The South African hedge fund industry ended 2017 with assets under management of R62.4 billion, a decline of R5 billion. read more

ASISA Finalises Standardised Cost Disclosure For Umbrella Funds

16 May 2018

Employers will find it much easier to select the most cost effective umbrella retirement fund solutions for their employees from. read more

Life Insurers Block Dishonest And Fraudulent Claims Worth More Than R1 Billion

26 March 2018

South African life insurers reported significant increases in dishonest and fraudulent long-term insurance claims for 2016. read more

Policyholders And Beneficiaries Receive R469 Billion In Benefit Payments

14 March 2018

South African life insurers injected R469 billion into the economy last year through benefit payments to policyholders and. read more

Fundisa Closes To New Investors

28 February 2018

The Fundisa education unit trust fund has been closed with immediate effect to new investors by the Association for Savings. read more

Cautious Investors Take Wait And See Approach In Interest Bearing Portfolios While Equities Reward....

15 February 2018

The local Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) industry attracted healthy net inflows of R134.5 billion in 2017, ending the year. read more

Business Development Support For Black-Owned Financial Adviser Practices

31 January 2018

“Supporting the growth of black-owned IFA practices is not only a key requirement for achieving meaningful transformation in. read more