The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) has reviewed the content of the FX Global Code (Code) and acknowledges that the Code represents a set of principles generally recognized as good practice in the wholesale foreign exchange market (FX Market). ASISA confirms that its members act as Market Participants as defined by the Code, and are committed to conducting FX Market activities (Activities) in a manner consistent with the principles of the Code. To this end, the members of ASISA have taken appropriate steps, based on the size and complexity of their activities, and the nature of their engagement in the FX Market, to align their activities with the principles of the Code.

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Responsible Investment is a set of investment and ownership practices that intentionally integrates any factor that may materially affect the sustainable performance of a fund’s assets, including factors of an environmental, social and governance character.

Responsible investment and ownership practices:

  • build wealth in a sustainable manner and thereby preserve long-term value for the ultimate beneficiaries.
  • help to align investor’s objectives with stakeholders and the broader developmental needs of society.
  • apply individually and collectively in the South African, African, and global context.
  • enhance delivery of long-term returns while reducing down-side risk.
  • provide transparency to stakeholders regarding the manner in which ESG factors are integrated into investment and ownership practices.

Responsible Investment and ownership practices are informed by investment philosophy or specific client mandate requirements.


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